Meet our 2018 Guides

We are excited to officially introduce our guides for Women Rising Wild and One Wild Earth, 2018! Our Facilitators have more than 30 combined years of experience in wilderness guiding and they collectively embody a diverse array of wisdom and skills in nature-based therapies; ecology and applied conservation; wilderness survival; yoga, dance, and meditation; subtle body dynamics; wildlife tracking; tantra; rewilding ritual, and wild listening.

jumpcropThe visionary for Women Rising Wild and One Wild Earth is Melissa Lynn Reed. Melissa is a fourth generation healer and transformational wilderness guide with deep and intimate ties to nature. She is the founder of Wild Heart Revival and she has lived closely with wild canids since childhood. Her guiding and nature therapy work with clients and groups draw upon her 20 years of experience as a wildlife biologist specializing in studies of rare and endangered species. Through the lens of evolutionary behavioral ecology and place-based awareness she provokes attention to connection and our nondual reality. Her offerings blend wild wisdom, ritual, nature-immersion, and mystical sciences for grounded and embodied shifts in consciousness leading to elevated states of wellbeing within individuals and communities. Melissa is a seasoned tracker, master medicine weaver, and mystic.

kelly and pupMelissa will be joined again in 2018 by Kelly Cooper. Kelly is a vibrant and grounded woman rich with nature’s wisdom. She holds a MA in Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University and she has facilitated more than 70 wilderness or nature-based events in the past 10 years. Kelly has lived outdoors for a full year in New Zealand, spent three years studying and teaching yoga at Kripalu, and recently spent 21 days on a solo backpacking trip. When Kelly is not traveling the world or working with individuals and groups in adventure therapy or wilderness immersion experience she is spending time with her new, adorable, golden doodle puppy. Kelly also is a wilderness first responder and survival skills instructor.

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Darkest Night Wild Woman Hike

Free Event
Darkest Night Wild Woman Hike
December 17, 2017 4-6pm
Boulder, CO

This Sunday is our darkest, longest night of the year. We will gather in the evening to observe the sun and dark moon set together in the west then walk into the north for a gentle 2.7 mile hike among coyotes, mice, and owls and watch the stars come alive to our senses. In the safety of our group container and facilitation on this auspicious night we will provoke experience and awareness of a greater depth of being and universal consciousness on the plains. Meet at Boulder Valley Ranch Trailhead. Please dress warmly!

This hike is led by Melissa Reed, wilderness guide and mentor at Wild Heart Revival and visionary at Women Rising Wild.

On this Wild Woman hike we welcome people of all genders with special care and attention to the feminine aspects within us all.

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Walk in the Spirit of Wolves

Free Outreach Events
Saturday, December 9, 2017
Saturday, January 6, 2018

Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado
*Registration Required

Feel into our fundamental nature and evolutionary kinship with wild bushytails as we walk Kohler and Enchanted Mesas and explore both myth and ecology of wolf and other wild canid species found in Colorado.

Meet at the Chautauqua Ranger Cottage. Map and directions here:

These free hikes are offered by Melissa Reed, wildlife ecologist and wilderness guide with Wild Heart Revival. Melissa has more than 20 years experience as a wildlife ecologist and has lived closely with wild canids since childhood. This past Labor Day Melissa hosted a transformational rewilding retreat for women with wolves at Mission: Wolf wolf sanctuary in southcentral Colorado. Registration for Women Rising Wild, 2018, is now open. View the photo gallery from the 2017 event here.

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Celebrate Colorado Gives

Wild Heart Revival thanks you for your charitable donations to local nonprofits supporting people, animals, and wilderness.

Give to Rocky Mountain Wild, cityWILD, or Mission: Wolf and receive 20% off on Women Rising Wild and all offerings with Wild Heart Revival. Offer valid through December, 2017.

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Announcements 8/21

Women Rising Wild Retreat is quickly approaching. Final registrations will be accepted through Wednesday and then our container will be set.

We are in our final preparations as organizers and have a few more public invitations to share before we enter into silence here on social media.


Key points of the video message are below:

For those attending we want to invite introspection on that which lies in the shadows awaiting return to the light. Bring symbolic items that represent these aspects of your being to retreat.

If you are unable to attend retreat but have a prayer request for yourself, a women in your life, or women in general you may use our contact form to send us your healing prayer request.

And lastly, please gather and prepare your offerings that you will bring on retreat and share in loving gratitude and reciprocity with the other women participating, the wildlands, Mission: Wolf, and the wolves. Items for the women may include tasty treats, a musical sound offering, or whatever your heart delights in sharing. Symbolic gratitude offerings to Gaia and land may be a poem, or art piece, or rose clippings from your yard, anything meaningful in this purpose for you. And remember to visit the Mission: Wolf wish list and bring what you are able for the sanctuary. The love offering mustn’t necessarily have any monetary cost to you.

Wild blessings, dear ones. May you be ripe in your light this eclipse day.

La Loba and the power of place

I was drawn to film this video on land that has experienced a lot of shock in recent years in the form of natural disturbances. I tried to follow a script but with the intensity of emotion this week, I just could not evade the heart. And the land offers a very strong reminder that we will recover from the shocks we are experiencing as a nation. I am feeling really excited to connect in the healing space of our retreat very soon with La Loba and Wild Woman as our guide.

Read the story of La Loba here and in the book Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

Become a Force of Nature

Become a force of nature when you reclaim the wild within and join 100 Women for the Wild

IMG_5252We are very excited to partner with Rocky Mountain Wild to offer new and existing members of 100 Women for the Wild a 20% discount on registration for Women Rising Wild, 2017 and again in 2018.

Adrienne Rich, feminist trailblazer and literary force for social awakening  described the connections between and among women as “the most potentially transforming force on the planet.” Join forces with Women Rising Wild and 100 Women for the Wild and become a force of nature.

At Women Rising Wild this Labor Day weekend we will reconnect on Mission: Wolf wolf sanctuary in southcentral Colorado to revive our primal nature as wise and nurturing beings with deep and powerful ties in sisterhood with nature. On retreat for 3 days and 2 nights in this remote wilderness setting we will experience direct contact with wolves, earth stewardship, nature-based therapies for recentering and transformation; earth ritual and ceremonial rebirth; soulsounding vocal explorations; mindful movement and meditation; camaraderie with women; outdoor survival skills; wilderness living; catered organic meals; and nourishment for the soul.

And through your membership and service with 100 Women for the Wild you will directly support the professional development of women in science and environmental advocacy, biodiversity conservation, and wildlands protection in the southern Rocky Mountains.

Learn more about Rocky Mountain Wild and join 100 Women for the Wild100 Women for the Wild

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